Monday, October 29, 2007

Leo Romero - Foundation - 'That's Life'

The kid goes nuts at the end.

Geoff Rowley & Tom Penny - Volcom - 'Chichagof'

The most ridiculous mini-ramp session I've ever seen.

Bobby Puleo - 'Static 2: The Invisibles'

One of my all-time favorite skaters.

Nick Trapasso - Toy Machine - 'Suffer the Joy'

Pretty ridiculous and smooth.

David Clark - Krooked - 'The Krooked Kronichles'

I might be wrong about the video, but nothing else came out in my search.

Keith Hufnagel - Real - 'Real to Reel'

Jovantae Turner - Planet Earth - 'Now N' Later'

Ronnie Bertino - XYZ - 'Stars & Bars'

Colin McKay - Plan B - 'Virtual Reality'

Raymond Molinar & Chad Tim Tim - Popwar - 'Video Hype the Teaser' Pt II

Various - Popwar - 'Video Hype the Teaser' Pt I

A sick, short compilation.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gino Iannucci - 101 - 'Snuff'

Arguably one of the best parts ever.

Tom Penny - Flip - 'Really Sorry'

World Industries - 'Rubbish Heap'

Ah, what the heck, might as well post the whole video. It features Chris Branagh, Ron Chatman, Randy Colvin, Todd Congelliere, Jef Hartsel, Jeremy Klein, Jesse Martinez, Rodney Mullen, Chris Pastras, Steve Robert, Steve Rocco, Mike Vallely, Billy Waldman, and Matt Wood.

Stevie Williams - Transworld - 'The Reason'

Anthony Van Engelen - DC Shoes - 'The DC Video'

Kris Markovich - Blind - 'What If?'

Style, speed, and somewhat technical.

Brian Anderson - Toy Machine - 'Jump off a building'

Hard to believe this came out nine years ago.

Ryan Fabry - A1 Meats - 'Dancing in the Dirt'

It's a shame that Fabry didn't stick around the industry longer, the kid was obviously way ahead of his time. This video came out in 1991.

Leigh Peterson - 101 - 'WWII Report Promo'

What ever happened to this kid?

Ron Allen - H-Street - 'Shackle Me Not'

triple. kick. flip. ha.

Rodney Mullen - Almost - 'Round Three'

You can't post a Daewon part without a Mullen, it's borderline criminal.

Daewon Song - DVS - 'Skate More'

It's Daewon. Not much more to say.

Monday, October 8, 2007