Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marc Johnson - Chocolate - 'Hot Chocolate'

Another innovative legend, the Mark Gonzales of his generation.

Keenan Milton - World Industries - '20 shot sequence'

Another one that'll never be forgotten.

Mike Carroll - Girl - 'Goldfish'

Tim Gavin & Henry Sanchez - Blind - 'Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies'

A classic promotional video that was technically ahead of it's time.

Donny Barley - Eastern Exposure - 'Underachievers'

I grew up in the same town as this guy. He's sick.

Bam Margera - Element - Elementality Vol. 1

I remember when he was just a wee lad skating for H-street. Some of his concrete park stuff is just ridiculous.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mike Daher - Stereo - 'A Visual Sound'

Serious pop, great style. What ever happened to him?

Steve Berra - DVS - 'Skate More'

An amazingly clean part from one of the most underrated skaters ever.

Phil Shao - Think - 'Dedication'

Another one who died too young.

Danny Way - Plan B - 'Questionable'

The Legend before he got ESPN'd out.

Julien Stranger - Santa Cruz - 'A Reason for Living'

Speaking of skating fast and yes, I know he skates for SMA in this part.

Dan Drehobl - Think - 'Damage'

So sick and he skates so damn fast.

Jason Lee - Blind - 'Video Days'

Ronnie Creager - Blind - What if?

One of the most stylish skaters of all-time.

Matt Hensley - H-Street - 'Hokus Pokus'

Just another legend being himself.

Monday, September 24, 2007

PJ Ladd - Coliseum - 'Wonderful, Horrible Life'

PJ Ladd roars onto the scene with this incredible video part.

Chris Haslam - Almost - 'Round 3'

Incredibly talented skater.

Natas Kaupas - Santa Cruz - 'Streets of Fire'

This is the one where Natas spins on top of the fire hydrant. Brilliant.

Various Greats - 101 - 'Snuff'

Another tremendous release from 101, this time with Andy Stone, Jason Dill, Adam Mcnatt, & Gino Iannucci.

Various Greats - 101 - 'Falling Down'

One of the best videos for the duration. Lasts less than ten minutes and has awesome parts by Andy Stone, Gabriel Rodriguez, Adam Mcnatt, & Eric Koston.

Pepe Martinez - Element - 'Fine Artists Vol. 1'

So ahead of his time. R.I.P. Pepe.

Bobby Puleo - FTC - Penal Code 101A

A classic part from one of the best shop videos ever made. The song is 'Caravan' by Van Morrison.

Mark Gonzales - Blind - 'Video Days'

One of the most influential parts ever.

Brian Anderson - Girl - 'Yeah Right!'

I actually grew up with this kid. He was a cool guy.

Rick Howard - Plan B - 'Virtual Reality'

One of my favorite parts from one of my favorite skaters of all-time.

Brian Lotti - Planet Earth - 'Now 'N Later'

Skateboarding legend.